Tips + Tricks

Ongoing list of pro tips + tricks I’ve learned about living, visiting and thriving in Cambodia since moving to Phnom Penh in May 2017.

  • Most places take USD. It’s good to have small money in Riel for tips and such, but most transactions above $1 are in USD.
  • Always secure a price for your tuk tuk before getting in. In Phnom Penh (PP) the estimate is $1 per 1 km.
  • If driving, watch out. PP just got traffic lights a year or so ago, and some people still don’t abide by them. Stop signs are a suggestion 😉
  • While this country is beautiful, and its people genuine, there is theft. Women: when on a moto or tuk tuk, keep your purse under the seat (on moto) or between your legs (on both). Men will cruise by, cut the strap and rip them off you. Same goes for cell phones – keep them hidden.
  • Pork is awesome here!
  • Don’t be alarmed – people do not say “bless you” (or an equivalent) when you sneeze. It’s silent!
  • In Los Angeles, honking at another car is reserved for times when someone cuts you off, does something extreme. PP is a horn happy city and cars/motos honk to let you know they’re coming, ensure you see them, etc.