LUNCH BREAK BITES: Sustenance + Shaved Ice

Today I asked my Khmer co-worker Kunthy to take me to her favorite lunch spot around our office. We both saddled onto my moto and drove off into the heat to get some scrumptious food.

This was another place where you peruse the prepared food, pick what you want and they quickly serve it to your table. We eyed the large plates of food and settled on some chicken, pork and beef + morning glory soup. The food doesn’t always look pretty, but it’s full of flavor!


The pork was my favorite. Doesn’t look that great, but was tender and tasty.


I had no clue what the veggie was in our soup, so asked my co-worker. Morning glory. I’d never heard of or had it before. Something new… yes! She Googled it to show me what it looks like fresh so I could eye it at the market. You can eat the shoots and the leaves. She told me it’s good as a stir fry, so I’m going to buy some at the market next week and give it a whirl!


We hopped back on the bike and went on our second mission: Cambodian shaved ice. I’m game! We pulled up to this little cart with bowls of things I didn’t recognize. Most were savory. Definitely a new experience for me eating savory things as dessert! Kind of like the topping choices at Blockheads off Sawtelle in Los Angeles.


I ordered what Kunthy did since I had no clue what I’d like. It was red beans, blue beans, sweetened yams and shaved ice topped with a fresh coconut and palm sugar mixture. Surprisingly, I liked it! I liked the coconut mixture the best, and saw others got that, coconut milk and condensed milk on their shaved ice, so I may try that sweeter version next time 😉


Awesome new foodie experience! Looking forward to exploring another co-worker’s favorite spot!


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