Lunch Break Bites: Central Market Noodles

One thing I admire about Cambodians during the work day, is that they actually take lunch breaks! In the U.S., I felt chained to my desk, had a meeting or had too much work to step out. New city. New approach. I’m going to attempt to get out for lunch while working in Phnom Penh! At least a few days a week 😉

My goal: Walk/drive around Riverside (where my office is) and adjacent areas and pick spots with the most Cambodians and least amount of foreigners. I will chronicle my eating adventures here!

June 23

I had to go to Central Market to get a poncho, as I was stranded at the office last night as it was pouring rain and I had nothing to keep me dry. #CamboProblems

Central Market is a monstrous building with stall after stall of clothing, small electronics and home goods. They also have food stalls! Despite it being hot and humid here, I was craving noodles, so walked around until I saw some I liked, and plopped down at the counter.

I was asked to pick my noodles (fat white rice noodles) and meat (pork). A delicious bowl packed with these and bean sprouts, green onions, water spinach and onions was delivered pipping hot. Deep flavors that immediately comforted me. Tasted a bit like pho and cost $1.50!





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