ET Phone Home

One thing I do not miss about the US is the exorbitant cell phone plan prices! Or at least mine was.

Enter cell phone usage in Cambodia. With an unlocked US phone, I purchased a Cambodian SIM card ($2). From there, I added a monthly data plan. 2GB, which is all I need (there is Wi-Fi everywhere!), is $3/month. Yes, you read that correctly. $3 PER MONTH!!

CambodiaCellPhoneMinuteScratchersMinutes/text are handled differently. You put money on your phone and when it runs out, it runs out, even if it’s after month’s end. And when you need to refill it, you pick up a scratcher (like a lotto ticket) at a multitude of stores and from your phone dial *197*scratchernumber# and dial, and it automatically adds that money on your phone!


The one thing different here is that it costs more to call people on other networks vs. on your own. Some Cambodians have multiple phones for the different carriers as it’s more cost effective (and a sign of status). I don’t plan to talk on the phone much, but want minutes/texts for quick local calls and emergencies. Will be using Wi-Fi/data for all my communications to the US;)

Within Network: $0.05/min, $0.07/min 6:00 – 11:59 p.m., $0.025/SMS

Out of Network: $0.08/min 12:01 – 11:59 a.m., $0.09/min 12:00 – 11:59 p.m., $0.04/SMS

There are promotions, so I need to figure out what they are and how to take advantage. Just saw one that advertised $1 = $30 on something. Show me the minutes!


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